Review is a content outsourcing website where you can outsource content for your blog or website. Writers need to submit their resume and a sample article at the time of registering.

  1. What does it takes to Sign Up ?
  2. How much do I earn ?
  3. Minimum Cash out Limit ?
  4. Referral Program ?
  5. Accepted Countries
  6. Payment Proofs

What does it takes to sign up ?

Signing up to Green Light Articles as a writer is free but the sign up process is a bit different from HireWriters and iWriter. Unlike iWriter you have to submit a sample of your published work and as well a Resume and your Skype ID. offers an extra feature to clients which is Spinning Articles, iWriter and HireWriters do not offer such a feature. An extra feature for clients means more ways for the writers to make money.

The writers Dashboard is a lot similar to iWriters where you just need to get approved as a writer and accept one of the articles that are already posted by clients. They do not force you to writer articles, you can work at Green Light Articles in your free time.

One thing to note is that the amount of work will vary from time to time. Some times there will be a number of articles to choose from and at other times there will be only a couple of articles available to be written.

How much do I earn ?

There was not much information available on their website on how much you can earn by writing articles. But I managed to find an older review where the writer stated that she go paid $0.01 (1 cent) per word. She got paid $4 for a 400 word article and $9 for a 900 word article.

The rates mentioned above were for standard writers. Premium writers might earn more per word but at the moment I am not sure if they have multiple ranks for writers.

Minimum Cash Out Limit ?

There is not much information regarding Payments on the Green Light Articles website but according to the freelancelady only way to cash out is through Paypal or Payza and the minimum cash out limit is $20. The payments are made on a weekly basis.

Referral Program ?

Green Light Articles do not have a referral program but they an affiliate program. You can not earn by referring other writers to Green Light Articles, you will only earn commissions by referring clients who will order articles at Green Light Articles.

Their affiliate program is also a lot different from the iWriter or HireWriter affiliate program. Unlike getting a share in the profits you earn a flat amount for every 100 words that your referral orders.

For every client who orders articles you earn $0.10 for every 100 words and for every spin order you earn $0.15 every 100 words in commission.

As an example of the Earnings potential you have by using our affiliate program, if your referrals in total average 5 articles and 5 spins per day, each of 500 words, you would earn $187.50 a month – just for bringing them to the site!

Accepted Countries ?

At the moment they seem to be accepting writers from entire world. Their registration form contains a drop down list to select a country from a list of countries which seems to include almost all the countries in the world.

Payment Proofs

I have applied at as a writer today. But I did not managed to find a Payment proof from anywhere on the internet. I think I will have to test them my self. If you have been paid by GreenLightArticles please share you Payment Proof in the comments section.

Green Light Articles provides mediocre articles for a small price and 1 cent per word seems to be a bit decent pay rate for any one who is new in the business. Overall Green Light Articles would be a nice start for any one starting their freelance writing career.

Green Light Articles will not make you rich but might help you pay a few bills or earn you some extra pocket money.

Did you find the review helpful ? Want to add something to the review ? OR Share your payment proof please comment below.

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