iWriter Review – Scam or Legit ?

iWriter is an article writing and outsourcing website. You can either sign up as a writer to write content and earn some money or you can sign up to outsource writers. The sign up for writers is simple, you don’t have to bid on articles like other freelancing websites. You can simply start writing as soon as you sign up. The same goes for outsourcing writers, all you have to do is post your project and a writer will start writing your article in no time.

  1. What does it takes to Sign Up ?
  2. How much do I earn ?
  3. Minimum Cash out Limit ?
  4. Referral Program ?
  5. Accepted Countries
  6. Payment Proofs
  7. My Experience

What does it takes to sign up ?

Signing up to iWriter is free and you do not need to take or pass a test in order to begin writing articles on iWriter. You can just sign up to iWriter right now and start writing articles. There are a number of articles to write and choose from at any given moment.

If you are wondering if they don’t require a test then how do they separate good writers from the bad. They have a rating system where clients leave a rating for writers. If as a writer you have a rating below 3.2 after 10 reviews or a rating below 3.4 after 20 reviews your account will be blocked from writing any more articles.

How much do I earn ?

At iWriter what you earn per article depends on your rank and the overall number of words for the article. As a standard writer you earn $1.62 for a 300 word article, $2.43 for a 500 word article and $4.05 for 700 word article. Elite writers can earn up to $15 per article.

There are three ranks for writers at iWriter Standard, Premium and Elite. All writers start off as a standard writer. In order to achieve the rank of a premium writer, you must have a rating of greater than 4.1 stars and at least have 30 ratings in your account. In order to achieve the rank of an elite writer, you must have a rating of greater than 4.6 stars and at least have 30 ratings in your account.

If you don’t want to wait to get 30 ratings then you can apply for the iWriter fast track program. With the fast track program writers can reach the elite rank just by writing 3 articles. When you apply for the fast program you will have to pay a fee of $147 and write 3 articles on keywords they provide. The articles you write would be rated with in 1 day, if you manage to increase your rating then your rank will be increased to the relevant post.

Minimum Cash Out Limit ?

The minimum cash out limit is $20 and the only way to cash out is through Paypal. Payments are made a number of times per month. Weekly, Every 2 weeks, Every month on the 5th, Every month on the 25th. Weekly payments are sent every Tuesday. Bi-weekly payments are sent every other Wednesday.

Referral Program ?

Sorry iWriter does not have a referral program at the moment but they have an affiliates program where they share the profits with the affiliate 50-50. For those of you who do not know the difference between a referral program and an affiliate program let me make it clear. As an affiliate you will only earn for referring people who purchase a service at iWriter.

You won’t earn for referring a writer. If a person you refer buys $100 worth of articles on iWriter, in which case iWriter make a profit of $14-19 and they will share 50% of this profit with the affiliate not the actual amount of purchase.

Accepted Countries ?

iWriters have banned various countries from registering on their website. They don’t state the names of the countries anywhere on their website but a quick search of the internet shows that India, PakistanKenya are a few of the many.

If you are from one of these unlucky countries you will get a 404 page not found error instead of a statement that people from your country are not allowed to sign up. Even if you manage to sign up using a proxy, which is an easy task, you will land on a 404 page when you click on the write article button.

Payment Proofs

I was not able to register to at iWriter because my current location is banned by iWriter from registering but I managed to find a recent payment proof from the internet to share.

iWriter Payment Proof march 2014

My Experience 

As I mentioned earlier I was not able to sign up or write on iWriter but I managed to find a lot of reviews on the website. Most of the reviews had a problem in common, they were complaining that their articles were being rejected for no reason and later appearing on different blogs.

Just like any other freelancing website on the internet you will find scammers on iWriter. The thing to do in this case is that make sure that the writer you are writing for has a high acceptance rate and you have followed the instructions provided by the writer.

As a blog owner outsourcing writers or content is really easy on iWriter all you have to do it post the title and the instructions for the article and you will get your article written in less then a day. If you are not pleased with an article you can simply reject it. The minimum amount to add to your iWriter account is $10 through Paypal.

Did you find the review helpful ? Want to add something to the review or share your payment proof please comment below.

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8 Responses

  1. Colton says:

    Honestly, I love how deep you went in with it. Very detailed. Very impressed. Though what may give you the idea that it is a scam? I know it’s kind of hard not to when you first visit a site, but you should have explained why it might be. What do you think might be a good addition to the site (In your own opinion), meaning what do you think might make it better?

    • admin says:

      I don’t think that the site is a scam but a few people who are using it get articles are scamming writers and I have mentioned a few ways how to minimize the possibility of being scammed.

  2. Angie says:

    I have heard some great things about this site so I do not think that it is a scam. However, I am shocked at the amount of money they are paying for an article if you are not an elite member. I could not imagine getting paid that little for an article I took my time writing. I would have to think that they would not be getting high quality articles for the amount of money they are willing to pay.

    • Lou says:

      Angie, I agree with you. I was looking to sign up over there. I was pleased there seems to be no test to do as there normally is with these kind of places. I’ve been signing up to lots of sites recently and was getting fed up of all the entry tests. But when I saw just how little they, I honestly think I’d rather be given a test with a chance at getting higher pay.

      I spend a lot of time on each article I write no matter what the subject, I never just knock out an article in an hour, I wish I could. I just couldn’t write for that little, it’s too depressing. Writing is a labour of love for me, but still….

  3. Romio says:

    I Like more fullwriter.com I earn more there and they pay 50% to affiliates

  4. Sophiah Wanjuhi says:

    I have been working for iwriter for the last two years. At first things worked very well, it was very difficult to find a client rejecting your work rather they asked for rewrite. Today the requester are cancelling the job with very shoddy reasons.
    The iwriter support are very biased to the requester. They does not listen to the complain of the writer.
    Nowadays they are failing to pay for new accounts. When you contact them why they have not send your payment, they block your account without your knowledge and the only message they send to you is that “your account has been closed”.
    I don’t recommend any one willing to start freelancing to work here if you don’t want frustrations. You will work then refuse to pay you. I have been training writers for the past one year but they discourage me for lack of payment. My student write articles of very high standard and most of them land to elite and elite plus but they refuse to end payment. It has forced me with my whole group to find work somewhere else. Please don’t expect to make your end meets with iwriter. Look for somewhere else, there are many websites that are paying triple compared to what iwriter pays.

  5. Carolyn says:

    Another issue to be aware of is that a lot of the requesters don’t seem to know how to explain what they want. The “special instructions” can be very vague or confusing. I put a lot of effort into doing an article reviewing some dating websites but the requester was not clear about what angle the review was meant to be from. I have to assume that’s why she not only rejected it but also gave me a star rating so low that it banned my account (I was a newbie and didn’t have other reviews). iWriter was very quick to fix it for me when I went to them very distraught. They could see that there was nothing wrong with my writing itself. I’m frustrated that requesters have that much power over writers when their instructions are often extremely difficult to figure out.

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