VirtualBee Review – Scam or Legit ?

First of all I am am really sorry for not posting a single time in the last 3 months or so but I promise from now onward I will try to post on a regular basis. In this post I am going to review VirtualBee a data entry website.

  1. What does it takes to Sign Up ?
  2. How much do I earn ?
  3. Minimum Cash out Limit ?
  4. Referral Program ?
  5. Accepted Countries
  6. Payment Proofs
  7. My Experience

VirtualBee is a data entry website which unlike many data entry websites is free to join. For those of you who have never heard of the term data entry before, data entry in its simplest form is the process of typing all the data from paper on the computer. In case of Virtual Bee you will do the job of typing the data on to your computer from images provided.

Data entry jobs are pretty simple all you need to type text that you can read from the images provided. Which means all you need to succeed is a good typing speed.

What does it takes to sign up ?

I have already mentioned signing up to VirtualBee is free but you need to be at least 18 year old or the age of majority in your country to sign up to VirtualBee. Once you sign up to VirtualBee you will need to take 3 simple tests.

There are small instructions for each test that you need to memorize before taking the test. These instructions and test will help you get familiar to the data entry conventions used by VirtualBee. Once you have completed all 3 tests a percentile score will appear on your profile page.

Only a high percentile score will get you in to the paid portion of the website. The tests are fairly easy I managed to get 84th percentile on my first go. If you are not satisfied with your score you can retake the test every 24 hours.

How much do I earn ?

The amount of money you earn at VirtualBee depends on the amount of work you do. The amount of work you do depends on your speed and accuracy. Although they do not specify an amount in their FAQ but a quick search on Google showed that the earnings vary between $0.20-$0.60/1000 characters typed.

Minimum Cash Out Limit ?

The minimum cash out limit is $30, you can cash out using either Paypal or Check and payments are made on a monthly basis.

Referral Program ?

Unfortunately at the time of writing this post VirtualBee neither has a referral program nor has an affiliate program. So the only way to earn money through VirtualBee is by doing the work yourself.

Accepted Countries ?

Users from all countries are currently accepted at VirtualBee.

Payment Proofs

I have not yet been selected for their paid portion of the website neither have I been able to find a legitimate payment proof from them on the internet. If you have  a payment proof from VirtualBee please share it in the comment section below.

My Experience 

The sign up process was pretty simple and the evaluation tests were difficult either. It has been over 2 weeks now since I have signed up to VirtualBee and I still have not been invited to the paid portion of their website. I searched on the internet and found this thread on a forum I am also including a snapshot of the thread below.

VirtualBee got accepted

VirtualBee got accepted

After reading the mentioned and a few other similar threads it became clear to me that an 84th percentile wont get me in to the paid portion of the website. If you want to get hired by VirtualBee you need to take the test again and again until you get a percentile that is in the high 90’s.

At the same time don’t expect to get immediately hired by VirtualBee you might have to wait for anytime between 1-3 months. I had a few questions which I emailed them, I got a reply in the next 24 hours which is a plus. If you have any trouble you should try Contacting them on their email.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t apply to VirtualBee I am just saying that there is a lot of competition to get hired on the site. In short if you have a few spare hours this week then you should give VirtualBee a shot, take the evaluation tests a few times, try to get a high percentile and who knows by the end of the month you might get invited to the paid portion of VirtualBee.

Did you find the review helpful ? Want to add something to the review or share your payment proof please comment below.

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